5 Reasons why Tannus tires are better.

Improved ride quality: Tubeless tires offer a smoother ride and can be run at lower pressures, which can improve traction and comfort on the trails.

Fewer flats: Because tubeless tires do not have a inner tube, they are less prone to pinch flats. Pinch flats occur when the inner tube gets pinched between the tire and the rim, causing the tire to go flat.

Weight savings: Tubeless tires can be lighter than traditional tire and tube setups, especially when used with lighter tubeless-specific rims and sealant.

Increased reliability: Tubeless tires can be more reliable than traditional tires because the sealant inside the tire helps to seal small cuts and punctures as they happen.

Greater versatility: Tubeless tires can be used with a wider range of rim widths and tire sizes, allowing for more flexibility in tire choice.
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